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Dr. Kleis is offering treatment with the newest laser technology available for nail fungus. He has worked directly with an international laser company based in California developing and testing one of the most advanced lasers available. Dr. Kleis is involved with the training of doctors throughout the world for the use of laser for treating toenail fungus. He is one of only a few doctors in the United States who has used more than one brand of laser to treat fungal nails.

Heel Pain Relief Therapy

This new patented acoustic wave technology requires no anesthetic and has little or no discomfort. Patients of this treatment are generally able to walk and move around immediately and it generally takes approximately three 10-minute sessions before the pain is resolved. Heel pain is an extremely common and potentially disruptive affliction that has many possible […]

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

This NEW Toenail Fungus Laser technology is a fast and effective way to increase clear nail in patients with toenail fungus (Onychomycosis). The laser procedure for Nail Fungus requires only one or a small number of safe, quick treatments with little discomfort and is performed as an outpatient service with no anesthesia. The gentle laser […]


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