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Meet the Staff: Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM

Dr. Jeffrey Kleis DPM has over 23 years of experience in medical and surgical treatment of the feet. Dr. Kleis is offering treatment with the newest laser technology available for nail fungus. Dr. Kleis is involved with the training of doctors throughout the world for the use of laser for treating toenail fungus.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, DABPS • Over 4000 laser procedures performed • One of the most experienced doctors using laser for fungal nails in the United States • Uses the most advanced FDA cleared laser equipment for toenail fungus treatment • Over 23 years of experience treating fungal toenails

What our patients have to say about us:

Finally, I can wear my sandals without being embarrassed!"
I had fungus on most of my toes on my feet. I came to Dr. Kleis, one and a half years ago and began laser treatment. At first I really thought it would help only and not really cure my problem. My right foot was so bad I was embarrassed to show my feet in public. I am encouraged that this ugly fungus on my feet will go away. Worth the cost. I can comfortably show my feet in public again."
When I first heard about a laser cure for toenail fungus on the news, I was skeptical. But the results speak for themselves. It’s been six months since my laser procedure and my toenails look great. I have to say this is the real deal for those who suffer from toenail fungus! Thank you Dr. Kleis"
The Procedures performed by Dr. Kleis worked extremely well. A stubborn toe fungus I had for over twenty years was cured. I am so Happy! I tried all the drugs including Lamisil before, but to no avail. At last great results."
I have experienced excellent results in just five months. The improvement has been fantastic, as no previous treatment was effective. The nails are almost normal again and continue to improve. I'm anticipating a full recovery to a very stubborn fungal infection. The laser treatment with Dr. Kleis's approach clearly is proving to be the cure. I am very pleased with the results and Dr. Kleis is not only a professional but also a very pleasant, cordial gentleman."
I've struggled with a fungus nail, since I was nine years old and to have laser surgery and see a drastic difference in six short months is amazing. The cost was well worth it."
After many years of trying to get rid of my toenail fungus, I had tried everything from pills to creams. I only wish the laser for fungal nails was available sooner. Happy to say my toenails are looking great after having been treated with the laser by Dr. Kleis. Thanks again,"
I am happy and then some about the outcome now fourteen months past my last treatment for my toenail fungus that Dr. Kleis treated. This laser treatment has ended, finally, my distress of the appearance of my nails and buying useless over the counter creams and lotions. Thank you very much."
I am amazed at the incredible difference between only seven months ago to now. I have tried literally everything, even toxic bleach soaks. I would say this is the only thing that works. I'm almost back to normal!! Thank you Dr. Kleis."
I am so happy with the results. I have tried everything; medications, topical and homeopathic, and nothing has worked until now. Thanks